In Honour Of Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall

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The Pilgrimage
The full pilgrim route runs through the Nene for 45 miles, covering a circle of the region (done over a period of 2-3 days). Details of this route can be found at the website: www.oundlepilgrimage.org.uk
The Sue Ryder Trail which is between 18-23 miles is our fundraising route for this year’s pilgrimage though there are cycle routes and smaller 5-6 mile walks available to accommodate family groups. These can also be found at the website or in our guides available at Oundle Volunteer Action Centre.

This year’s pilgrimage takes place on Farmers Market Saturday August 11th at St Peter Church from 8.30am. Although you can undertake the pilgrimage at any time of year by registering at the Council Offices – Oundle Volunteer Action (see Liz), Fletton House, the August weekend is dedicated to charity when we will be fundraising for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall and other local charities.

Most of the Pilgrimage is easy to follow if you stick to the guide which indicates adopted trails such as The Nene Way. You will also be directed by tape markers, painted yellow arrows or scallop shells which are consistent with the Camino de St James – the pilgrim’s route to Santiago. However the Oundle Pilgrimage is largely made up of public footpaths, bridleways and byways (denoted by a yellow band of tape) all of which traverse farmland. Please be do not damage any maps or signs that show public rights of way: avoid trespassing on private land and do not obstruct any right of way. Inevitably part of the route will follow country roads so please be very careful – especially in harvest season.

St. Peter’s Church, Oundle
Titchmarsh Nature Reserve
Islip Route optional (4-mile extension and alternative)
Stoke Doyle
Pilgrim passports can be stamped at the following places:
St Peters Church (from 8.30am)
The Chequered Skipper, Ashton
The Kings Arms Polebrook
The Montagu Arms Polebrook
The Fox, Thorpe Waterville
The Kings Head, Wadenhoe
The Shuckburgh Arms, Stoke Doyle
The Talbot Hotel, Oundle
The Rose & Crown, Oundle
The George Inn, Oundle
Please visit all the churches where it may also be possible to obtain stamps for pilgrim passports.

Fundraisers will be entitled to A Sue Ryder Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate; there is also an Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate of Achievement available for £5.
Why not come and join us on a fun day out; you can also obtain a sponsor form from our offices or set up a justgiving page to help support a worthy cause!