An amount in access of £1000 raised from last year’s Pilgrimage has helped three local charities; the Lions share was collected by Sue Ryder volunteers on Saturday 11th August 2018; also registration fees paid by participants went to Thorpe Hall Hospice Peterborough. Other donations made to the Sue Ryder Jars were not included in last year’s effort; despite good support/sponsorship from the George estimated at around £100 the money was sadly collected without thanks or receipt given. People who give hard-earned cash to charity and we as organisers/volunteers who work extremely hard without expenses, need to know the amount raised and also that is collected honestly! All establishments involved in supporting The Oundle Pilgrimage should ensure they are issued with a receipt/certificate from the charities they have collected for; after all it’s common sense and decency to acknowledge those who have spent time to help a worthy cause.


Other charities to benefit were Cancer Research UK, spearheaded by Annette Beeton these funds are donated to the Oncology Unit in Cambridge which is now the largest in Europe.

We have also established collection points for Prostate Cancer UK too; you will find collection jars for these charities in some of the local pubs en route.



Walking the Sue a Ryder Trail for Thorpe Hall and Cancer Research This year’s pilgrimage will take place on Saturday 10th August from St Peter’s Church at 9.00am



You can help Robin Moore raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page –

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Sue Ryder and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.

Thank you for your support!




Founded by Robin Moore in union with Rick Murphy (and ably supported by Paul Coles, Claire and Nigel Crosby, Nigel Laxton, Julie Laithwaite and Oundle Town Council), the full pilgrim route (The Tourist Discovery Route) runs through the Nene Valley for 45 miles, covering a circle of the region (done over a period of 2-3 days). Details of this route can be found at the website:


There will be a new edition of this guide made entirely of off-road walks between the villages available soon as an electronic book from my personal website:



The Sue Ryder Trail which is between 18-23 miles is our fundraising route for this year’s pilgrimage though there are cycle routes and smaller 5-6 mile walks available to accommodate family groups. These can also be found at the website or in our guides available at Oundle Volunteer Action Centre (see Liz) or obtain electronically from



Although you can undertake the pilgrimage at any time of year by registering at the Council Offices – Oundle Volunteer Action (see Liz), Fletton House, the August weekend is dedicated to charity when we will be fundraising for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall and other local charities.

For more details visit: And click on Summer Newsletter.

For further reading, archives and videos please visit:

Robin Moore’s Walking For Charity on Facebook and YouTube



Most of the Pilgrimage is off-road but easy to follow if you stick to the guide which indicates adopted trails such as The Nene Way. You will also be directed by tape markers, painted yellow arrows or scallop shells which are consistent with the Camino de St James – the pilgrim’s route to Santiago. However the Oundle Pilgrimage is largely made up of public footpaths, bridleways and a few byways (denoted by a yellow band of tape) all of which traverse farmland. Please be do not damage any maps or signs that show public rights of way: avoid trespassing on private land and do not obstruct any right of way. Inevitably part of the route will follow country roads so please be very careful – especially in harvest season.



St. Peter’s Church, Oundle







Titchmarsh Nature Reserve

Islip Route optional (4-mile extension and alternative) Aldwinkle Wadenhoe Pilton Stoke Doyle Oundle


Pilgrim passports can be stamped at the following places:

St Peters Church (from 8.30am)

The Chequered Skipper, Ashton

The Kings Arms Polebrook

The Montagu Arms Polebrook

The Fox, Thorpe Waterville

The Kings Head, Wadenhoe

The Shuckburgh Arms, Stoke Doyle

The Talbot Hotel, Oundle

The Rose & Crown, Oundle

The George Inn, Oundle

Please visit all the churches where it may also be possible to obtain stamps for pilgrim passports.


Fundraisers will be entitled to A Sue Ryder Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate; there is also an Oundle Pilgrimage Certificate of Achievement available for £5.

Why not come and join us on a fun day out; you can also obtain a sponsor form from our offices or set up a justgiving page to help support a worthy cause!


FERRAR HOUSE – A Local Pilgrim Sanctuary set in idyllic rolling countryside of Nene-dominated Northamptonshire; plan your stay here as the perfect base to explore the Oundle Pilgrimage Discovery Route and its network of historic villages.

Available to Oundle Pilgrim Walkers and visitors


Other campsites and accommodation along the way are listed in the guides.

Also check out our book library at the website and download electronic copies as needed; the latest book examines my recent pilgrimage of Spain: The Camino Ingles. Each pound goes towards valuable charity work and fundraising events.



A PILGRIMAGE TO SANTIAGO – Camino Ingles Available as an electronic copy from my website – you can download for £1.

Click Here to buy.