THE ST PIRANS WALK For Cornwall Hospice Care

Event Details
3rd March 2018
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Event type:
Local Events
Fees and sponsorship requirements:
Contact details:
Robin Moore 01209 821025 [email protected]
2 Chapel Terrace


Join other keen walkers on the St Pirans Trail which is approx a 5 mile easy route taking in Pink Moors, Mount Ambrose, Vogue and Wheal Damsel. Meet at the Carharrack Club for 4pm start. £10 per participant which includes your walking guide for the trail. Real ale, snacks and live music to follow in the


Also participants will receive a certificate and booklet

of the walk.

New Book Release – Available Worldwide Now
A Pilgrimage to the Somme (Great War Trilogy) (9780995580800) by Robin Moore¤cy=GBP&binding=%2A&isbn=9780995580800&keywords&minprice&maxprice&min_year&max_year&mode=advanced&st=sr&

Also found at The Cornish Library Redruth and the Somme Museum at Albert, France

A Pilgrimage of War and Words and A WW1 Pilgrimage will complete the Triliogy of Walks of The Great War.
Including Poems to commemorate the Fallen

POEM – ‘No Winners in War’
Each ruling party believed their cause to be right,
Prompting seven countries to rise up in a fight,
Enthusiasm and excitement for this war of insanity
Made Europe a dark place of great calamity.

Remember the upsurge of patriotic elation,
Men cheering from trains on their way to damnation,
But when our ‘Champions of Liberty’ waged war on the ‘Hun’,
The lights went out in Europe for a long time to come.

Who would rise victorious from this cauldron of madness,
Halt tolling bells from their mournful sadness,
Both sides face defeat with a generation lost,
Because No one envisaged a great war at such cost.

Ultimately, death to old Europe is the final result
Who will modernise, rebuild it, and who is at fault
Emotions were mixed over who was to blame,
But war to the elite is little more than a game

A moment of madness lit the touch fuse to war
Belgium first subjugated breaking peace treaty law,
Then France sacked and ruined in a 4 year assault,
Until finally a railway carriage brought war to a halt

Now Autumn guns fall silent across the land,
Their deadly action powerless without command,
Soon, trees will grow tall again in wooded glades,
And poppies bright red to mark fallen comrades

So the war was really over, like a new gift of life
No more waterlogged trenches amid winter strife,
Thank God for an end to those dreadful 4 years,
No one else will die now, no more burials and tears

But that’s little comfort to the young men who fell
Sent from many nations to this place they call hell,
They’ll never know this euphoria, for they are all gone
Rotting in foreign battlefields a long way from home.
By Robin Moore

New titles for order will include other pilgrimages, charity endurance
events and expeditions abroad.
Walking guides in Cornwall will include a new book for the Spring entitled Gwennap Walks, comprised of short circular trails showing insight into this idyllic region. Other local titles which include The Cornish Pilgrimage Trail, Gwennap Pilgrimage and St Piran’s Trail are available for purchase from the Cornish Library, Redruth.

I am currently planning a Pilgrimage to Santiago and Muxia prior to Easter.

Take and God Bless You All!